Concerto Fusion Cuisine is a contemporary style restaurant that perfectly combines attractive ambiance with good food. The menu features traditional Asian or European cuisine harmoniously mixed with the spices and cooking styles of the other region. The feng-shui style decor combined with the in-door waterfall creates a dining experience that dazzles the eyes and ears as well as the taste-buds. The full-service bar and sushi bar also contribute to the diversity and atmosphere of the restaurant.

The restaurant seats 120 – 150 people, which includes a private party room that holds 25 people (perfect for business meetings, small gatherings or conferences). The menu is extensive, diverse and unique. Don’t expect a traditional Chinese restaurant. You will find a fusion of flavors from Japan, Hong Kong/China, Thailand, the Caribbean and Europe that offers something familiar yet new and sophisticated.

A Few of Our Awards

  • Winner of No.5 Overall Excellence Winner at the TOP 100 Chinese Restaurant Awards
  • 2011 Winning China Outstanding Chinese Contributor Award
  • 2011 Internationally Known Chinese Restaurant Award
  • 2011 Internationally Known Chinese Restaurant Entrepreneur Award
  • 2011 International Master of Chinese Cuisine Award